Miata Koyo Radiator

Koyorad Miata Radiator Hypercore 36mm

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Koyorad Miata Radiator Hypercore 36mm

Miata Koyo Radiator Reveiw

Improve your Miata's cooling system with the Koyorad Miata Radiator Hypercore. With a thickness of 36mm and aluminum construction expect a 20% to 30% increase in cooling efficiency. The great thing about the Koyo radiator is that it is a direct plug and play install utilizing all OEM parts and mount points including stock fans and even stock radiator cap. 

This Koyo radiator is perfect for turbo Miatas or modified Miatas looking to save space in their engine bay while improving their cars cooling efficiency. 

Product Includes

  • 1 Koyorad Radiator
  • 90-97 Part # (VH060245)
  • 99-05 Part # (VH060650)