Miata Megasquirt Standalone ECU

Miata Megasquirt Standalone ECU

Benefits of a Megasquirt ECU in a Miata

If you want to have your Miata running at peak performance a Standalone ECU will be the best upgrade you can purchase. ECU's like the Megasquirt grant you the ability to tune and adjust settings that your Miata's factory ecu would not allow you to adjust such as fuel tables, ignition tables, air fuel ratio, launch control and much more. Perfect for any application whether it is a turbo setup, supercharger build, or naturally aspirated, a Megasquirt ECU will allow you to fine tune your car that suits your modifications best.

Our Experiences With Megasquirt 

Virtually all the Miatas we tune are equipped with either the Megasquirt PNP 2 or Megasquirt MS3pro, and with great success. Install is straight forward and easy to tune and the capabilities are endless. Quick example of one of the many perks, when the fans kick on in our Miatas you will feel your engine stumble and drop in idle. With a Megasquirt you can now adjust the idle to compensate for the voltage draw prior to the fans kicking on. For instance you have your fans programmed to kick on when coolant temps hit 190 degrees, so you tell your ECU hey when you see 190 degree coolant temperature and before the fans kick on bump the idle up a bit thus eliminating the idle drop. 

The possibilities of what you can do with a Megasquirt Miata are endless making it one of the best upgrades you can do to your car.

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