Dyno Tuning Deposit

Dyno Tuning Deposit

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This is a $100.00 deposit for a dyno appointment.  It will be applied to the final bill once tuning is done.  This is done to insure that you are as committed as we are.  If something comes up and you can't make the appointment, let us know 72hours in advance, and we will be happy to apply the deposit to another appointment date.


Here is a check list to do prior to bring your car in. You will be charged for the full dyno tuning session if you show up for the appointment and your car can't be tuned entirely, do to mechanical failures, or lack of preparation.  This isn't something we look forward to, but we set the dyno tuning appointment with the assumption that you have done everything to prepare the vehicle for tuning.  Please don't take this as a warning, but more of a guide as to how to be best prepared.  We want to help you save time, and money.

  • Car is Running (unless previously discussed.)
  • Make sure your fluids and oils are fresh and topped off.
  • Treat it as "track day preparation"
  • This is a dyno tuning session, not a diagnostic/repair/tuning session.  If there is mechanical work that needs to be done, and the time allows, the shop labor rate is $120/hr which will be an additional charge.
  • Car has enough fuel to be tuned (75% to full tank) Unless tuning seperate fuel.
  • Make sure spark plugs are gapped appropriately (we can do it for you at an additional fee)
  • Please make sure car is NOT leaking any fluids.  There will be a clean-up charge if the leak is excessive.
  • Please don’t help yourself to our tools, shop supplies or equipment unless you are given permission.  Bring tools you think you may need.
  • Please do not bring a a viewing party.  We generally only allow the owner of vehicle to be on site.  Remember this takes quite a bit of precision and concentration.  You DO NOT want us getting distracted while tuning your vehicle.
  • Make sure that your drivetrain can handle the potential power that the ca is going to make.  You will be charged a full dyno tuning session, even if your clutch starts to slip on the dyno and we can't finish.
  • Tires....Hard compound street tires are recomended for the dyno.  Make sure your wheels are torqued properly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.