Wiesco Miata Piston

Wiseco Miata Pistons and Rings

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Wiseco Miata Pistons and Rings

Wiseco Forged Miata Pistons Review

The Wiseco Piston and Rings will give your Miata the ability to handle more power reliably making it perfect for performance builds and turbo applications. We have had great success using Wiseco Pistons in our builds and is our piston of choice when performing engine builds.

The Wiseco Forged Aluminum Sport Compact line of pistons are manufactured with Wiseco's renown forging and heating process giving us the ability to drive our Miatas hard for many years to come. 

Product Includes

  • 4 x Forged Wiseco Pistons
  • 4 x Wiseco Piston Rings
  • 4 x Wiseco Wrist Pins