AED Miata Variable TPS Kit 90-93
AED Miata Variable TPS Kit
AED Miata Variable TPS Kit 90-93 Installed
AED Miata Variable TPS Kit 90-93 Installed 2

Miata Variable TPS Kit 90-93

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Miata Variable TPS Kit 90-93

Upgraded NA6 Miata Variable Throttle Position Sensor Kit Review

The Miata Variable TPS Kit will give you the ability to send variable and linear throttle position sensor signals to your standalone ECU. This kit replaces the stock throttle position sensor on the 1.6 Miata which is capable of only telling you if throttle is either in idle or wide open.

With our Upgraded Miata TPS Kit, the throttle position sensor included, will now be able to send a signal to your ECU of where the throttle position is from everything in between idle and wide open throttle. This allows you to have better control of the many features available in your Megasquirt ECU like boost by throttle, launch control, and other features that can take advantage of throttle percentage. 

We have had great success in using these kit in our customers cars. Install is a breeze and is plug and play only requiring you to swap 2 wires in the factory connector. Only compatible with ECUs that accept 0-5V TPS signals not the factory ECU. Reuses factory bolts for the bracket. Hardware to mount the sensor to bracket will be included.

TPS Kit Includes

  • 1 - TPS Steel Bracket
  • 1 - Genuine BMW TPS Sensor
  • Sensor Mounting Hardware