ACT Heavy Duty ZM2-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch

ACT Heavy Duty ZM2-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch

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ACT Heavy Duty ZM2-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch 

ACT HD Miata Performance Clutch Review

Enjoy putting power down with the ACT Heavy Duty ZM2-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch. With reliability and performance in mind ACT has provided the Miata community a balanced clutch that is easy to drive and will hold 245lbs of torque! This clutch is ideal for turbocharged Miatas looking to stay under the 260 torque range that will have balanced track and commuter use. 

I have personally had the ACT HD ZM2-HDSS on my turbo Miata with a Garett GT2860r that put down 271WHP and 255TRQ for two years before I went down the dark path of wanting more power. It is currently in my best friends car who has had it for a year with slightly more power than me in which he drives hard every chance he gets. When I had the ZM2-HDSS, my turbo Miata was the only car I owned, I drove around 50 miles a day and about one autocross or track event a month. It was fantastic, clutch pedal is stiffer than stock but not intolerable and during track time clutch feel and performance was consistent. 

The ACT Heavy Duty ZM2-HDSS is a perfect upgrade to the drivetrain and is a great candidate to use for a Miata Clutch and Flywheel combo. 

Product Features

  • Fitment (90-05)
  • Street Disc Type
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • Input Shaft Diameter (15/16in)
  • Torque Capacity ft/lbs 245
  • Disc Diameter 8.8in
  • Spline Count 22