ACT ZM1 Miata Clutch

ACT Heavy Duty ZM1-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch

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ACT Heavy Duty ZM1-HDSS Performance Miata Clutch

ACT Heavy Duty Performance Miata Clutch Review 

If you have a lightly boosted Miata or have a moderate to extreme naturally aspirated build the ACT Heavy Duty ZM1-HDSS performance Miata Clutch might just be for you. With a torque capacity of 200lbs and a close to stock clutch pedal feel, the ZM1-HDSS offers a product that will be a breeze to commute around town and in the same time provide the ability to have fun at the track expected from a performance Miata Clutch. 

The ACT ZM1-HDSS is a great choice when the time comes to replace your OEM Miata clutch since it is a step up from your OEM replacement options but will give you a boost in performance without sacrificing driving comfort.

Product Includes

  • Fitment (90-93)
  • Weight 10.8lbs
  • Input Shaft Diameter 15/16in
  • Spline Count 22
  • Street Disc Type
  • Disc Diameter 7.9in
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • Torque Capacity 200lbs